I love shopping on Poshmark for so many reasons!

For those of you who don’t know, Poshmark is an app where you can resell your clothes and buy used/recycled clothing! Here are a few reasons why I love shopping on Poshmark!

  1. It’s eco-friendly. You’re buying clothes that someone else once wore, but they didn’t throw it away! Instead, you get the chance to give life to those articles of clothing once again!
  2. You can score awesome deals on designer product you would never be able to afford!

    5 Tips on How to Buy Clothes You Love on Poshmark!
    I needed some lightweight clothes for a trip to Cambodia. I wanted to buy quality clothes, but didn’t want to spend a lot at the mall. Plus, I was shopping for a trip in December, so it was hard to find appropriate clothing for tropical weather at that time in the year! Joie always has nice linen pants, but I wouldn’t normally be able to pay full price. I got these Joie pants on Poshmark for $12!
  3. Because you can buy designer at discounted prices – the quality is SO MUCH BETTER and will last longer! Styling Principle # 1!

    5 Tips on How to Buy Clothes You Love on Poshmark
    This Rebecca Taylor top had to have retailed for at least $295 before. I bought it for $30! i love it because of all the intricate details and I get tons of compliments on it!
  4. You can find items you saw on a blog post or a t.v. show, or maybe something you just passed up in store, but then it was out of stock or out of season before you could get to it! Well, you might be able to track it down on Poshmark! That has happened to me several times!
    I fell in love with this J.Crew sweater in stores, but it was sold out in my size! Found it on Poshmark NWT and paid $35!

    5 Tips on How to Buy Clothes You Love on Poshmark!
    This beautiful top – I saw it on the character Joan, on the t.v. show Elementary! (Love her style!) By the time the show aired, the top was sold out at Zara. Tracked it down on Poshmark for $18! I get so many compliments on it and people mistake it for Equipment! Even better!!

Tips to Shopping on Poshmark

Tip #1 – Only buy things you LOVE. This is so important! Which is why it is also one of my Styling Principles! Well, it applies to Poshmark too! ESPECIALLY to Poshmark! It is easy to get overwhelmed on Poshmark, or think you want to buy everything… Ask yourself, DO YOU LOVE IT? If the answer is no – pass it up!

5 Tips on How to Buy Clothes You Love on Poshmark!
I adore this top! I saw it on Annabeth from Hart of Dixie in TWO separate episodes! Again, it was already sold out in stores, but I found it on Poshmark! Worth the hunt because I LOVE IT!!

Tip #2 – Narrow your search with filters! You can filter brands and sizes. This is a huge help because there is so much inventory! You can also filter the item condition to specify only NWT – new with tags items, or all items. Within the listing itself, sometimes you will see other acronyms that might help you purchase. Generally, these are the types of items I buy.

  • NWT – New with tags
  • NWOT – New without tags (I think this one might not actually be a filter, but you can look for it in the listing.)
  • EUC – Excellent Used Condition

Word of caution – if you apply too many filters, for instance –> Theory –> slacks –> tan –> size 2, it might render a smaller selection than the actual inventory. That is because sellers do not HAVE to list the color. So you are limiting your options on what you can view. Also, let’s say it shows you all the size 2 options, but you might actually be able to do a 0 or 4 depending on the fabric and sizing. In that instance, you might want to check multiple sizes. ALSO – if they use UK sizing, it may be a little tricky. You will want to cast the filter wider and make sure you read the description carefully. For example, a Ted Baker size 2 would be more like a US 6-8. If the seller lists it as a 2, that could be confusing to you as the buyer. This is why Tip #3 is important…!

Tip #3 – Know your favorite brands and your sizes in those brands! If you know your sizes and brands, then you can buy nearly anything on Poshmark! The one downside to shopping online is, of course, you can’t try it on! And, in this case, you can’t return either! But, if you know how you fit into certain brands and designers, then you’re good to go! I have purchased several dresses, tops, and sweaters without any problems! The trickiest for me have been jeans and shoes! But, I gotta say, I have purchased at least 2 awesome pairs of jeans, 1 Seven for All Mankind, and they were brand new! And the other was Pilcro and the Letterpress! I’ve also snagged great deals on Joie joggers and drawstring pants! But shoes are tricky… I don’t think I’ve found any shoes that have worked well for me. The good thing is that if something doesn’t end up fitting, you can posh it!

5 Tips to Shop Poshmark and Buy Items You Love!
I loved this shirt so much! I am usually a 0 in Maeve, an Anthropologie brand. When it arrived, it ran smaller than I anticipated. I just went ahead and ordered a size up from another seller. Eventually, I will resell the first one I ordered!

Tip #4 – If You Like a Good Deal – Make an Offer! There is an offer button you can use to haggle with sellers. The only thing is, you have to be careful. Some sellers are more firm with their pricing, while others are completely negotiable because they really want to sell. If you low-ball the seller, they might get offended and decline your offer right off the bat. Sometimes, if they are put off by your offer, they won’t entertain any other offers you make them. So, you have to proceed with caution, especially if you REALLY want the item. You also have to consider that other people might want this item too. I’ve been in situations where I am going back and forth making an offer with the seller, then all of a sudden, someone buys it! They either paid for it at the listed price, or they made the seller a better offer! When you make an offer, it’s good for 24 hours, but that doesn’t mean someone else can’t buy it in that time!

5 Tips on How to Buy Clothes You Love on Poshmark!
Saw this top on Lemon Breeland on Hart of Dixie! (LOVED her style!) Again, sold out! Got it on Poshmark for $30 and it’s 100% silk!

Tip #5 – Know Your Maximum Price – You should have an idea of how much you are willing to pay. For instance, let’s say you see a Kate Spade dress on sale. It retails for $495 but someone is selling it on Postmark for $150. If it’s more than you want to pay, then tell yourself how much you are willing to pay. If it’s $100, then you can make an offer for $100 or lower, but basically, if they counteroffer you anything more than $100, you know you have to walk away. Also, you have to factor in shipping!

Hope you find these tips helpful! As you can see, I love shopping on Poshmark, and some of my favorite pieces have come from there! You can definitely look great, wear quality clothes, and not spend a fortune!

If you sign up for Poshmark, you can use the code: JELLYCHEW25 to get $5 in credit.

Leave a comment with any words of advice on how to shop on Poshmark!

5 Tips to Shop Poshmark and Buy Items You Love!

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