Hello Friends,

I figure, since this is supposed to be part fashion blog, I should probably start to post something on fashion. This is one of my new favorite t-shirts from Topshop. It’s kind of short/cropped, but goes perfectly with high-waisted black jeans.

Generally, I don’t like t-shirts because I think they are too casual, and it’s easy to get sucked into wearing t-shirts everyday. Of course, there are days when all I want is to wear a t-shirt and then I find myself in trouble because I don’t own any!

My Fashion Rule: If I’m going to buy a t-shirt, it needs to be unique in some way. OR, it needs to be a classic, quintessential t-shirt. Basically, I can’t buy an average t-shirt just because it’s on sale. That’s how you end up owning t-shirts w/ the wrong cut or color for your body!

However, I love this Topshop t-shirt! The black and white stripe is trendy and classic, but the pink gives it a pop of color! Plus, I love the word ‘peachy’! So cute! I wish i had worn a nice peachy lipstick when I took this photo, but it was late in the day and my makeup wore off. Part of me was reluctant to post this photo based on that alone! But, this is the real me. Well, kind of…pretty sure I was still wearing some foundation and blush, so my skin really isn’t that flawless!

Honestly, starting a blog has been tough. In a world where pictures are everything, there is so much pressure to take a beautiful picture, and look good in every picture! The truth is, no one looks that good in real life!! It takes a lot of effort to look moderately reasonable in a picture! There was one day when I wanted to take an OOTD picture. I went to work, returned home, and then took the picture because I forgot to do it earlier. I looked at the photo and realized I looked totally washed out and tired because I went through the whole day without makeup. So, what did I do? I ran to the bathroom, did my makeup, then returned to snap a picture!! Does that seem insane to you? It does to me!

Anyways, I share this with you to be honest. So here is my nearly bare face. The picture may be perfect, but that is okay. Take it for what it is… a Work in Progress…!

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