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I figure my beginning photos on fashion should give you an idea about my sense of style.  In general, I like fashion that is classic and timeless. Most people would describe my style as very Kate Spade. She is my style icon, after all!

Classic & Timeless v. Trendy

I tend to buy classic pieces because they are timeless. When you look at this picture of me in this dress, you really can’t distinguish whether I took this picture this season or 4 years ago. Trendy pieces, on the other hand, are an easy giveaway as to when you purchased your clothes. Plus, buying trendy clothes get expensive! One minute you love it, a year later, you can’t stand it! So, you’re always buying more clothes!

I don’t typically where straight shift dresses like this, but I love this dress because of the scalloped edge, and clean black and white lines.

I took this photo in front of an old restaurant in Massachusetts. If you look at the sign, it says it has been there since the turn of the century! It’s just an old burger joint along the beach, but my friend/photographer thought it was appropriate for my retro look.

For similar style options, here are some Cece dresses I love:

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