So, this is my first blog post. I didn’t realize how little I know about how things work until I had to set up this blog! To some of you, this may seem very basic and novice, but for me, setting up this blog was a huge endeavor! First, I had to combat my fear of failure. Then, I had to figure out what I had to say. After going through grad school where your professors repeatedly tell you, “We don’t care what you think! We want to know what other scholars in the field think!” it becomes harder to formulate your own opinion! Third, I had to figure out a name for myself and what I want to stand by. And then, there are all of the other technical things that go into setting up a website.

Fear of failure

As I said earlier, this blog is set up in large part, to help conquer my fear of failure. Over the last few months, I realized that I have a huge fear of failure! I never thought of myself as afraid, but then I realized I didn’t want to start new things because I thought I might fail. The thought of trying and failing was not an option for me. I would rather not try something new than fail. As I write this, I realize that sounds really pathetic! But, that’s the truth of where I was at…two weeks ago or maybe even one week ago!

God is changing me everyday, and he has been working in me to get to this point where I can try something new – this blog, and just see where it takes me. If no one reads this, and I “fail” by the world’s standards, that’s okay. For me, it will still be a huge victory!

Anyways, these are just some of the Confessions of a Work in Progress



2 thoughts on “Starting a Blog to Conquer My Fear of Failure”

  1. thank you Mel for sharing your fear of failure it is not easy for people to post about there weakness but it seems like God has given you the courage to share your struggles to others and how you can give Godly wisdom into there time of weakness and struggles.

    1. Hi Bob! Thanks so much for your comment and word of encouragement! Yes, glory to God because this is nothing short of a miracle!

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